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Range-based control of dual-stage nanopositioning systems

G. C. Clayton, C. J. Dudley, K. K. Leang (2014), Review of Scientific Instruments, 85 (4), pp. 045003 (6 pages).


A novel dual-stage nanopositioner control framework is presented that considers range constraints. Dual-stage nanopositioners are becoming increasingly popular in applications such as scanning probe microscopy due to their unique ability to achieve long-range and high-speed operation. The proposed control approach addresses the issue that some precision positioning trajectories are not achievable through existing control schemes. Specifically, short-range, low-speed inputs are typically diverted to the long-range actuator, which coincidentally has lower positioning resolution. This approach then limits the dual-stage nanopositioner’s ability to achieve the required positioning resolution that is needed in applications where range and frequency are not inversely correlated (which is a typical, but not always the correct assumption for dual stage systems). The proposed range-based control approach is proposed to overcome the limitations of existing control methods. Experimental results show that the proposed control strategy is effective.